The Keeper of My Heart

Heartsong Three: The Keeper of My Heart

How deep the thoughts that flow from me, puzzling, yet freeing.
Oh, the wonder of Your love for me, the wonder of it all.

To make You love me more, not a thing I can do.
Nor anything to cause You to love me less.

To see the miracle of birth,
To watch a sunset, a sunrise…

To see the raging seas and rugged mountain peaks.
I stand amazed.

“Who am I?” I ask. “Who do I want to be?”
The one who loves You, Lord, with undying love.

Always trusting, always obeying
And in all ways and days to be content.

Why do I doubt Your love for me?
Sometimes I want my way more than Your desires for me.
Sometimes my fears get the best of me.
Oftentimes I worry about the tomorrows instead of focusing on today.

So great is Your love for me.
I know I cannot disappoint You.
You know my shortcomings.
You know them all.
You still love me.
You always love me.
You are the Jealous Lover of my soul.

Why do I want to be like Christ?
Only because You have placed that desire in my heart.
To be like Him.

I don’t like to be patient, always.
To be self-controlled.
To be last.
To serve.
Sometimes I don’t have an answer for the hope I have.

Yet You are the center of my life.
The air I breathe. The water that quenches my soul. The bread that sustains me.
You hold me in Your hand.
You are my Comforter and my Peace.

I have seen darkness turn to joy, hatred to love, confusion to understanding,
Loneliness to belonging.
I’ve witnessed the miracle of forgiveness, the healing of mercy.

Sometimes You lead me through places of rest . . . quiet and serene waterfalls.
Other times You have led me alongside steep and jagged cliffs.
You are my Shepherd, I remain content to follow You.

When I lose my way, or stumble and fall, You seek me out
Because You love me.

Even when my heart is in the wrong place,
You still love me.
I am Yours. I need You. I desire You.
You made me.
You made me with a need for You,
A need only You could fill.

Knowing You means knowing You created me with this need,
knowing that only You can fill it.

I don’t want religion under any name.
I don’t want a list of rules to follow.
I do need You, God, to fill me.
I do need Christ’s sacrifice.
I do long for His return; Your kingdom come; Your will done.

I am not holy and righteous.  You are.
I am just me—
Just the way you made me.
Just here—
Just trying to follow You.
Knowing that Your love is not based on how I feel or what I’ve done
or not done today.

stained glass, heart, love

Happy Valentine’s Day to The Keeper of my heart!

Knowing that You love me . . . regardless,
You love me . . . always,
I am Yours.

In this there is hope.
In this there is comfort.
In this there is peace.

(by: DH Stewart—May 28, 2003)


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