Every Mom Can Blog

By: Delana H. StewartEvery Mom Can Blog, Pinterest

 Every mom can blog . . . but not every mom can blog well. Here are 6 tips for how to improve your blog.

 1.       Choose an interesting theme.

The theme sets the stage of your blog. Will it read like a newspaper? Will it mostly display photos? How will the front page and each blog post be viewed? Take a look at the home pages of my 4 blogs and see how the mood and feel of each is reflected by the chosen themes:

The Education Café; Delana’s World; Nine Year Pregnancy; Three Days at Sea

2.     Highlight the main points.

In today’s busy society (especially with all of the great articles and posts out there) we simply do not have the time to read everything we would like to read. I often find myself reading the highlighted information. If I want to go deeper and have time, then I will.

3.       Include at least one Pinorable* image.

We have become a highly visual society. A picture draws us in and often speaks more than the blog post itself. To make it even better, include a quote or saying on the photo and make it Pinorable (Memorable and Pin-worthy) for Pinterest fans.

4.       Communicate with other bloggers who blog about similar topics.

Blogging is about community. Stop by and comment on blog posts others have written about similar topics. Also consider posting something for the Weekly Photo Challenge or Daily Prompt.

5.       Keep posts short.

Busy people want to quickly find what they are looking for.

6.       Spelling Matters.

Nothing turns me away faster than a blog post full of spelling and grammatical errors. Just because any mom can blog, it does not mean we should hit the publish button without taking care to publish well-written posts. Compose in a Word document and run a spell check and grammar check program, or use the spell check option in WordPress.

 I would love to check out your blog! Leave a comment below and I’ll drop by . . .


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6 thoughts on “Every Mom Can Blog

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  3. I agree with all those! I also think being vulnerable really helps readers believe you are sincere and actually mean to build new friendships over blogs.

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