Ketchup and Traffic Lights

Heinz ketchup used to have a commercial jingle that talked about anticipation making us wait. Traffic lights make us wait. Both are red. Therefore, red must equal waiting. Red could also describe paper cuts in the “paper pregnancy” of the adoption journey!

Most people associate the color red with love (red hearts) or anger (seeing red). But maybe red really reminds us of waiting.

What color reminds you of waiting? Why?pregnancy, labor, waiting

Is there a time or story from your life about waiting?

What is the longest you ever waited for someone or something?

Tell me your story!


Please leave your comments and stories below!

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red tape, adoption, waiting, anticipation


4 thoughts on “Ketchup and Traffic Lights

  1. Waiting for a adoption referral from the Haitian government….how about red for red tape. I also think of brown as we work in agriculture and many seeds are brown. Need to wait a lot especially for fruit trees for the waited harvest…years for most types of trees unless you graft.

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