Loved No Less

(An adopted child’s Father’s Day tribute.)tree art, cross, adoption, Father's Day

We often hear about birthmothers and the need (especially around Mother’s Day) for an adopted child to have time to think about, pray for, or send a card and picture to the birthmother. We do not often hear about Father’s Day and biological or “birth” fathers. Maybe because in many cases the biological father was not around for the birth (or perhaps did not even know the birth or conception took place). In any case, an adopted child has a mother AND a father responsible for his/her life. Nearly two decades ago, I wrote a poem about the three fathers in my life (the third one being my stepfather). I have rewritten this poem from the perspective of an adopted child. In it contains the message by which I hope our daughter grows up.

Loved No Less

I have three fathers, I am blessed.

The Father who formed me in my mother’s womb

Gave His life for me on Calvary’s tree.

He is Life, and He is Love.

He is my Father up above.


One father gave to me the image that the mirror sees

And my personality.

He met my birth mom on this earth.

He’s from the country of my birth.


One father to me bestowed . . .

Riches worth far more than gold.

He shapes my character and my will.

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A Father’s Embrace

With faith in God, he longs to fill

My life with wisdom, hope, and grace

And show me to Christ’s holy face.

He shared with me his life, his home,

And loved me no less than his very own!


(by: DH Stewart © 1998—rewritten for Jade on June 11, 2014)



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