Five Reasons My Great Aunt is Cooler Than Yours

my great aunt mom


5. She’s turning 90 years old soon and daily uses a computer, an IPad, and a smart phone.

4. She uses Facebook to keep up with all her children, grand-children, great grandchildren, grand-nieces (me), and even my children and grandchildren (and remembers all of their names).

3. She Skypes with me when I’m living or traveling halfway around the world in a different time zone.

2. She buys and reads E-books (including mine) and tells all her friends about them.

1. She gets on WordPress and comments on my blogs.

my great aunt

There is NO WAY your 90-year-old relatives are cooler than that … but IF they are, please leave a comment and tell me why!

(Note: In the photo above, the girl on the far right is my great-grandmother– the mother of my great aunt.)




Click on one of the images of books below to learn about each book!


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5 thoughts on “Five Reasons My Great Aunt is Cooler Than Yours

  1. my great-grandma got to be 100 and was always the life of the party. That’s awesome that yours is very tech-friendly

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