Thirty-Four Minutes

Jamie's feet

Photo belongs to Josh J. Stewart.

A sweet hello

And then you had to go

Before we had a chance

To see you smile.

So many questions

Crossed our minds as tears fell down.

Wondering who

You would have been . . . blond hair or brown?

Straight or curly?

Blue eyes or green?

Tall or short?

Rocket scientist or Football player?

Artist, musician, or astronaut?

We do not grieve someone we knew

But someone we longed to know.

We do not grieve as those without hope

But we still grieve.

And that’s okay.

We do not really say good-bye

But see you later alligator!

And running down those golden streets–

Playing, laughing, smiling–

Your voice rings out . . .

After while crocodile!


By: Delana H. Stewart, for my grandson Jamie

Born July 30, 2014 9:17 pm -9:51 pm

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