Price of Freedom

Many thoughts go through my mind every September 11 . . . as I am sure it does for many of you. We think about where we were and what our circumstances were and where our loved sun, september 11, pondering, treesones were. We think about those we lost…and our friends who lost loved ones….and even strangers we have met who lost loved ones.We think about the firefighters who gave their time and energy…and the families of those who gave their lives. We think about the peace we desire our children and grandchildren to have. And we remember. And we say a prayer. And we shed some fresh tears.

And then September 12 comes.

I pray we don’t forget tomorrow and the next day and the day and weeks and months after that…but that we keep remembering the price of freedom…the cost of real freedom, real peace.

Freedom Rising

(This is what it cost, The price that was paid…)

firefighters, september 11, firetrucks

Steel Towers (Fathers Free to Lead)

Soldiers in the City

Where was I?



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