Still Believing in Miracles

I am no warrior.

I can’t sit and wait day in and day out

For nothing.

You are so silent!

Please speak! Say something!

Crash like Thunder!

Do something.

miracles, mountain-moving faith, dark tunnel, light at end of tunnelMove this mountain…

This mountain that is falling on me,

Crushing me

Suffocating me.

I need a light at the tunnel’s end.

You are Light.

Send Your Light.

Show your light to me.

Why should I keep hoping,


Why shouldn’t I give up?


Somewhere in my heart

Where God’s Spirit dwells–

I still believe in


Delana H Stewart– November 2006

This was written during a 10 year period of waiting on God to answer my prayer

…and 4 months before the answer finally arrived.

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