What does it mean to be thankful?

Pursuing the Giver instead of the gift. Being thankful for His Presence, not just His presents.

Happy Thanksgiving!tree art, standing on the promises, Thanksgiving

Hoping for what I do not see

Anxiously waiting

Patiently enduring

Poised for Your arrival

Yet knowing You have arrived in me


Thankful for Your Presence

Hope, Love, Grace

Always in me Living, Loving

Never will You leave

Kindness upon Kindness

Sorrows fade away


Gently guiding, guarding

Indwelling me

Violent storms will come, will go

Indwelt, I walk upon the sea

Needing to be near my Lover

Gazing back at me!

–Delana H. Stewart 2004

I wrote this at a season in my life when I decided to lay down my dream, surrender it to God, and pursue more of Him!

Are you in a discouraging season right now? Finding it hard to be thankful? Sinking? In a hole? Read on…

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