Light Has Come

sunrise, light, dawnIn one country I chanced to meet

The face of hunger, the arms of cold

Through a town so dreary, gray and bleak

I silently crept along the street

And saw the young, the weak, the old.

A fearful glance of a stranger near,

Pleading eyes longing to be free

From the grip of death that reigned each year

From aching hearts, from stinging tears

Hoping that help would come through me.

The syringes and needles used as toys

The weakened tea, the hardened bread

The lack of clothes and the girls and boys

The grumbling, rumbling kind of noise

That empty stomachs make in bed.

I sighed as I looked the other way

Not wanting to see what I saw there:

The tenements and trash that lay

In muddy streets, where the children play

And laugh the same as kids everywhere.

I began to open up my heart

To those around me and I could see

That in a few, a new hope sparks

And light has come to replace the dark.

And Light has come to replace the dark!

by: Delana H. Stewart (c) November 1999

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