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5 Pros and Cons for Homeschooling Older Adopted Children

February 6, 2013– The Education of Older Adoptees, Younger Adoptees, and Biological Children– While this post will focus on the homeschooling of older adopted children, it may have some applications to biological children, foster children, and children who are adopted as infants. For the sake of this article, “older” adopted children will mean those that… [Read more…]

Getting What You Asked For

February 22, 2012 The title Getting What You Asked For actually has different connotations. It could be an answer to prayer according to God’s timing and choice, and it could be an answer given based on God giving in to your request … and/or a person taking a matter in his or own hands not waiting on God. […]

 October Baby on the Way

February 4, 2012 I just watched the trailer for the upcoming movie “October Baby.” Actor Robert Amaya who was in the movie “Courageous” is in “October Baby.” If you care about crisis pregnancies, orphans, and adoption, this looks like a movie you will want to see. I know that I want to see it! Starring in this movie […]

 Dare to Dream

February 2, 2012 Thought I’d share with you the article written by Jeff Newphur about our adoption journey and book Nine Year Pregnancy.

 Start as You Mean to Go

January 19, 2012 “Start as you mean to go,” Trish Maskew says in her book Our Own: Adopting and Parenting the Older Child, is advice quite similar to what was given to me by a friend who runs a foster home. In my book Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God—Our Journey of Adoption, I […]

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child

January 9, 2012 Check out my full-length review in Adoption Today’s January 2012 issue! Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child By: Patty Cogen — Review by Delana S This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend to anyone considering international adoption.  Even those who have already adopted abroad would find this extremely helpful (even if you’ve had your […]

 Choosing to SEE

 December 28, 2011 Currently, I am reading the book Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman, wife of award-winning singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. After having written our adoption journey, Nine Year Pregnancy, I thought it would be nice to read the journeys of others. One of the things that really resonates with me about Mary Beth’s journey is […]

First Christmas in America

December 24, 2011–Jade with her Grandparents December 2008 — her first Christmas in America. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” –Isaiah 9:6 (KJV) “God […]

A Time to Cry

December 14, 2011 We all have them. The ancients wrote about them. A time to cry. A couple of months ago at a marriage conference I heard about the medical properties — health benefits — of crying and tears. As the parent of an older adopted child, I am learning quite a bit about the grieving process my […]

 Keeping You Company

December 12, 2011 Our daughter was 6-year’s-old when we adopted her into our family. During her first year with us, she struggled with being in any room of the house by herself. Even if I just needed to go get clothes out of the dryer, she would leave what she was doing and follow me. That year, we […]

Cultural Flip-Flop

November 12, 2011 During the past 13 years, my family has been living and working in Asian countries. Our three biological sons grew up as the minority in the communities in which we lived. Now, they are in college learning how to be American, and sometimes they feel like they don’t fit in (even though their skin is […]

Nine Year Pregnancy

November 11, 2011This is the title of my book about our adoption journey! For more details, visit–

 Death before Life

November 4, 2011 [An excerpt from my book, Nine Year Pregnancy.] Years of persevering in prayer, waiting for God to answer, waiting for Him to fulfill a dream, I reached a point where the dream had to die. At that time, I sincerely thought that the dream died, the door closed forever, never to be opened again. […]

Dare to Desire

October 10, 2011 One of the books that helped me tremendously on our decade-long journey of adoption was The Journey of Desire by John Eldredge. Here is one of my favorite quotes from that book: “We all know the dilemma of desire, how awful it feels to open our hearts to joy, only to have grief come in. […]

Adoption Attachment

October 8, 2011 –Attaching Depends On Parents’ Tough and tender love, Incredible persistence, Ongoing commitment, Never-ending support.  See also–


10 Questions Adoptive Parents Ask Short video clips by Dr. Karyn Purvis, author of The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family. The 10 clips address these issues:

1. How Do I Handle Manipulation & Control?
2. Will Trust-Based Parenting Work for My Child?
3. Why Won’t My Child Act His Age?
4. How Do I Handle Lying?
5. How Do I Find the Right Professional To Help Us?
6. Should I Parent My Adopted Child Differently Than Birth Children?
7. How Long Do I Have to Parent This Way?
8. Is It Adoption Related or Not?
9. Will Trust-Based Parenting Prepare My Child for the Real World?
10. How Can I Be Fair?

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