Blessed with a Gift

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Do-Overs and All Things New

Need a fresh start? Want a Do-Over? Longing for something exciting and free from pain and loss and grief and sorrow and sin and shame? All Things New by John Eldredge and published by Nelson Books recently hit the shelves.

Books by John Eldredge never disappoint me (including this one).

To Rise Above — Choose Joy

No book that I have read about any person’s life has most reminded me of Job and Job’s character amid devastation than the book From Depths We Rise by Sarah Rodriguez. Just launched by Shiloh Press, Barbour Publishing, her “Journey of Beauty from Ashes” will strengthen your faith and challenge you to choose joy – even in the midst of the storm. “For He bruises, but He binds up; He wounds, but His hands make whole.” (Job 5:18–NKJV). “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before him.” (Job 13:15 NKJV).

Everything is Possible

“God has never let me down,” says Jen Bricker in her new book Everything is Possible. Anytime I become discouraged or faced with an overwhelming trial, all I have to do is look back through my life to see how He has brought me through countless trials and tribulations…

Empire’s End

THREE YEARS went by before Paul began ministering in earnest after his Damascus road experience. Have you ever wondered what happened during those three years? Where in Arabia did he go? Who did he meet there?

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Letter From Heaven

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. For many this is a joyous occasion of celebrating the love of our mothers or being celebrated by our children). But for some it can be bittersweet . . . or just plain bitter: those who have lost a mother or a child, and those who are longing to be mothers. This is the first mother’s day since my littlest grandson Jamie went to be with Jesus. Here is a poem I wrote for my daughter-in-love to encourage her and to honor our memory of Jamie. May it be a blessing to others who have children who have gone on ahead of them. Letter from heaven…

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Within These Walls

An encouraging word for mothers of young children. “If you mainly notice the clutter of toys, the undone chores, the dust…then you don’t see everything I see within these walls…”

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He is Risen!

Happy Easter! May this Easter season be filled with blessings and a renewed hope, love, and joy in Christ Jesus! See also: Easter bonnets, bluebonnets

Happy Palm Sunday

Originally posted on Delana's World:
The Palm   From my bedroom window Between two, white plastered Houses, Stands the stately date palm High above it all— And down the wall, Cascading fuchsia bougainvillea Like a waterfall. Weathering summer heat and Winter winds, The stately palm waves its limbs Shouting Hallelujahs To its Maker The…

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Breaking Off

When I was growing up there was a commercial and radio jingle for the candy bar Kit Kat that said something like — Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. Well, I need a break. I need a media input break. Between news headlines, work, and even the fun stuff, I have found myself in overload.

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Remember, Remember, Remember

Remember, remember, remember . . . oh, and do not forget! It has amazed me how many times the Lord says the words “remember” or “do not forget.” Whenever reading the Old Testament, I often seek to understand the application for us as believers today. Many of the admonitions to remember…