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Soldiers in the City

Soldiers in the city — In this city You have many.
You are with us; You don’t desert us….in the end we win!

Happy Palm Sunday

Originally posted on Delana's World:
The Palm   From my bedroom window Between two, white plastered Houses, Stands the stately date palm High above it all— And down the wall, Cascading fuchsia bougainvillea Like a waterfall. Weathering summer heat and Winter winds, The stately palm waves its limbs Shouting Hallelujahs To its Maker The…

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What’s Happening in Delana’s World

Many of you know that I blog at locations other than Delana’s World. For recent posts on this blog, see the column to the right. For recent posts on my other blogs, check out the new ones listed below. Blessings! Nine Year Pregnancy has these new posts: Another Friend’s Baby Shower (Is it Okay to…

Worth Reblogging!

Originally posted on ChrisStevensLive:
Thank you. I admire you. I appreciate you. These are such simple words to say, but few of us take time to say them. You and I have each been in that place where we needed a word of encouragement. Do you remember how it felt? Hopeless, fearful, and lonely. But…


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Happy 50th!

Today is my husband’s 50th birthday, and we had the privilege of walking outside and observing the historic last flight of the shuttle Endeavor right over our heads! Here are the pictures he took.

Graduation Day = Proud Parents!

Our youngest son, after completing two years on online high school through NorthStar Academy and Sevenstar Academy, a semester of public school in Texas, and a semester of Arab-American school, graduated with high honors after completing his senior year at BFA. He plans on majoring in business and minoring in Christian studies. He has lived…