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Learning from the Best

Though Jesus was never a physical parent on earth, I would say He knows a thing or two about parenting! He is God; He is Shepherd; He is Creator; He is Love. Recently, I opened theCompassion, Yoke, gentle, rest, parenting Word asking the Lord to direct my steps and give me wisdom in parenting. The following very familiar verses were viewed with a new perspective.

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Who is This Person I Call Mom?

By Delana H. Stewart “Who is this person I call Mom and why doesn’t she look like me?” Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote last Mother’s Day about why Mother’s Day can be a difficult season for the adoptee (and her family). You can read the full article by clicking here. Our…

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Just Five More Minutes: Earning TV Time

always knew that watching television was a great motivator for my daughter, but what I didn’t know is that I had been going about it the wrong way. After reading the book Have a New Kid by Friday, I combined the principles I learned from that book with the principles I learned from Parenting With Love and Logic, and came up with an idea.

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Beautiful Moms

I want to thank Marijane of Beyond Two Worlds for blessing me with The Beautiful Mama Blog Award for both Delana’s World and for Nine Year Pregnancy. The award was created by Valerie at Atlanta mom of three. With International Women’s Day and mother’s day in the Middle East in March (and with the US…

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Into the Mind of a Child with RAD

Jessie suffered from Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and does an excellent job of helping readers get inside the head of a child who has suffered RAD. Parents or foster-carers or teachers who work with kids who are or have been in foster care or orphanages will benefit from reading this book. He addresses many issues, such as: abandonment, grief, longing for a parent to return, reuniting with biological parents, anger, manipulation, bedwetting, lying, stealing, fear, loneliness, cutting, destroying things, and so much more.

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What a Mama Does

In several countries today is Mother’s Day. In the U.S., mother’s day isn’t until May. But any day is a great day to celebrate our mothers! I noticed many people are viewing a poem I posted a year or two ago called: When a Daughter Understands. Here it is again in a new format. Note:…

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Of Sheep and Shepherds

Have trouble letting go and trusting God with your children? I do! Sitting down on a friend’s back porch with a cup of tea recently, I opened my Bible and read the Twenty-third Psalm. This very familiar Psalm has guided and comforted me many times through the years.This particular day it took on a whole new dimension!

Love: the more you give–the more you get!

February is the month of extra emphasis on love and giving! And, it is your opportunity to enter a contest and win a free book! Check this out for details: Love and Giving are in the air! ****************************************************************************** For regular updates and interesting tidbits check out and “like” my Facebook pages! Your support is appreciated!…

Writing Challenge: Your Story Wanted

If you are in the adoption process or have adopted, or if you know someone who has adopted, they may be interested in submitting their story to my Nine Year Pregnancy blog. I am also interested in the stories of adult adoptees who have a story to share about waiting for a reunion or a…

Thorny Yet Fragrant

A Rose This one is like a wild rose— Beautiful, strong, fragrant, and Full of thorns. A domestic rose, thorn-free kind, Is just as  beautiful but not as strong, not as fragrant. —DH Stewart © 2012   Luke 7:37-50 (NIV) — 37 A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was…

Adoption in the News

I googled “adoption” a moment ago and clicked on “news.” It amazed me that after going through 15 Google pages looking for news articles on adopting a child, I came up with three (over the past week). Most of the rest were articles about pet adoptions. I love animals and do think they need homes, but…

Thisfunctional Family

Often we hear about the dysfunctional family. Obviously within a family lives a strange assortment of characters, and as each younger character grows toward adulthood and independent thinking and living the family becomes even more different. What makes a family functional? Caring about and loving each one regardless of the differences. Praising strengths, supporting weaknesses,…

Making Connections, Making it Real

Review by: Delana H. Stewart, Author of Nine Year Pregnancy I just love Aha moments. Moments when you see the light bulb go on in your child’s eyes. Moments when you can almost reach out and touch a connection being made. Tonight my daughter and I snuggled on the sofa and read books to each…

You Are Almost There, You Can Make It!

by: Delana H. Stewart Last week, my third-grade daughter joined my husband and me on the nature trail for our morning run. She has a lot of energy, and I have seen how she chases the boys. Her strength, however, is in sprinting. She can run really fast for a short distance. On the trail,…