The Ed Cafe

Check out the blog I started in 2009–

The Education Cafe

It was particularly designed to meet the needs of parents, teachers, and students educating or being educated abroad.

Here are the most recent (as of 9/25/14) posts on The Education Cafe.

Here are the top posts on The Education Cafe:

All Time

Title Views
Five Basic Types of Curriculum 72,464
Home page / Archives 29,215
Online Textbooks for Middle School and High School 21,341
High Frequency and Sight Words Grades K-6 17,106
Homeschooling Children with ADD/ADHD and/or ODD 9,734
Resources and Curriculum for Educating the Right-Brained Learner 7,244
Links to Free Books to Assist in the Learning of Phonics: Especially for Older Children and Adults 4,767
Math-related Virtual Field Trips 4,105
The Basic Academic Competencies Needed for College StudentsTeaching Reading and Phonics to the Older Child or ESL Student

Developmental Delay, Learning Disability, or Neurological Disorder



One thought on “The Ed Cafe

  1. Your blog is very inspiring. I was checking into “how to blog” and the search directed me to this site among others. Glad to see a person who is sharing their faith in Christ through technology. I look forward to reviewing your blog and being encouraged by your posts.

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