Light Has Come to Replace the Dark

Freedom Rising (The Price of Freedom)

Thirty-Four Minutes (grief, loss, premature birth, miscarriage)

A Thousand for One (spiritual warfare, battles, depression, pain, loss)

I Choose You (an adoption poem)

Fathers and Firebirds (an adoption poem for Fathers’ Day)

Stories and Poems for a Mother’s Heart (including picture poem “Within These Walls”)

Heart TearsWhile I was yet . . . kicking and screaming, You cared for me.

 Awaiting Birth – Standing there in her blue cotton dress, she blew on the stem…

 Faith Takes One – Faith takes one step into the cold raging water…

 Seeking the Joy Giver – Am I only seeking a child to hold … or the Father who holds me? …

Song of the Tree — I am a tree planted by the riverside…not a weeping willow…

Grains of Sand — The Hourglass was set in place. Time began and here I am…

I Felt You Today (poem especially for a mom with babies and toddlers)

Soldiers in the City

Hands That Hold

To read more poems on this blog, click here.

Or, check out some of my poems posted on The Education Cafe:

Rest in the Hand (poem)

Within These Walls (poem especially for moms with pre-schoolers and toddlers)

Sometimes (poem for the mom who wears a lot of hats or feels she is trying to do a balancing act)

A Mother’s Love (poem about the difference a mom can make)

Some Days (poem: Feel like giving up? Wondering when contentment will come?)

Shining Through

Ready to Give Up?  (a poem looking at the opposite of I Corinthians 13)


When Your Sighing Cedes (a poem by my son Jordan)

If you like these poems, you might be interested in a devotional book of stories and poems by Delana called Three Days at Sea.


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