Beautiful Moms

I want to thank Marijane of Beyond Two Worlds for blessing me with The Beautiful Mama Blog Award for both Delana’s World and for Nine Year Pregnancy.

The award was created by Valerie at beautiful moms, beautiful mothers, blogger awardAtlanta mom of three. With International Women’s Day and mother’s day in the Middle East in March (and with the US mother’s day approaching), I cannot think of a better time to receive this award.

I, too, would like to bestow this award on other beautiful moms who bless me with their inspiring posts:

Melissa Scott — Bones in my Heart

Judy Douglass — Kindling (

Marilyn — Communicating Across Boundaries



On Letting My Heart Go (by Melissa Scott)

7 Prayer Gifts for my Child (by Judy Douglass)

“Saudade” –A Word for TCKs (by Marilyn)

What a Mama Does


This also inspired me to create an award to bestow upon others!

See: The Heart for Adoption Award

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