Love Creates a Way

THUMBNAIL_IMAGELove Creates a Way: A Children’s Adoption Story demonstrates God’s plan for each person. Every child needs to hear that he is special, that he was created with a plan and purpose for his life. Every adopted child especially needs to be reminded that God has a plan for her, and He knew her name before He began knitting her together. Children need to know there is Someone bigger than them – bigger than adoptive and biological parents – Who has made a way for them, has not forgotten them, and Who will never, ever leave them. Every child, no matter how he or she comes into a family, is fearfully and wonderfully made. And God, the Father of Love, creates a way for each one. Love Creates a Way takes a parent or grandparent and child through a visual journey into the amazing, unfolding plan illustrated in God’s Love letter.

Delana H. Stewart, author of Nine Year Pregnancy, met artist Mary E. Bush in Tennessee and connected over their love of the Lord and passion for adoption. Both live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

Currently available for ordering by going  here

Will soon be available through Amazon and other vendors.

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